Enough now…

Well it’s Sunday and with a new working week looming horribly at me my mood is being brought down by the sight of snow. Not now deep and crisp and even. More compacted, slippery and increasingly mucky. The sky is also a lowering grey so I can’t even go out and take photographs of any still relatively virgin expanses of the white stuff in the late afternoon sun, as I had planned. The Met Office has now suggested that the next fall of snow will not be as heavy as feared, so we can’t even get over excited about a possible armageddon/new ice age/shortage of bread in the co-op. I might even have to get on a bus and go to work.

To cap it all, my nearly 19 year old son – fruit of my loins, light of my life etc etc – has been watching the blatant electioneering and has again been persuaded by David ‘Its not my fault I went to Eton’ Cameron to consider putting a cross against a Conservative party candidate at the next election.  That candidate is one Mark Formosa, who has been to Tory boot camp, learnt the oily smile and done his best to jump on every local bandwagon making its way across the plains of Taunton Deane. Fortunately my son has parents whose Liberal Democrat credentials will soften, but not cancel out, the impact of his naivete by putting their marks against Jeremy Browne’s name.  So can’t we just get the election over and done with – how about Thursday next week? Save us 5 months of  a daily dose of what will undoubtedly be the worst soap opera on telly.


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